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Welcome to Destination Unknown

G’Day I’m Scotty Boxa, an internet entrepreneur and Travel Blogger.

My home base is the Sunshine Coast Australia, but for the past few years I have been living out of a backpack and travelling around the globe. Going places where YOU the visitors to my website voted me to go, I was off on an Adventure to a Destination Unknown. But thats enough about me here you can find out more about me here

This website is dedicated to helping you SEE, DO, EAT, STAY and find THE BEST PLACES to make your next holiday or trip the best it can be. I’ll be showing you the places I’v been and visited, and show you what they are really like, not what the guide book or booking site “says” its like.

Below you will find some of my latest tips and advice! Stay tuned as I continually add new content, travel tips and advice as I travel.

Bali Travel Guides & Tips

Because I have travelled to Bali a lot, You start to begin to notice a few things, friends and family always seem to ask me the same questions over and over. Wanting tips for their first time visiting Bali, so I have put together a list of tips and advice to answer most of the common questions I get asked. Select the area of Bali you are most interested in and let me, show you the ups and downs of the area.

Most Popular Bali Travel Tips

More to come soon!

After travelling for years and visiting over 26 countries, 25+ States of America. I have LOTS more travel advice tips and info to share.
So please come back soon, as I continue to put fingers to keyboard of my travel knowledge to help you travel better.

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