Destination Unknown – Video Series

The original Destination Unknown – Video Series aired in May 2012 where thousands
of you helped choose where I went and what I did is currently offline. The first 4 of 22 episodes can be found below.


We are in the planing stages of putting together a NEW SEASON again in the near future.
Where you the Visitors to our website and social media choose where I go and what I do.

Destination Unknown – Season 1

Back in 2012; I was set to quit my job, pack my bags and set of on a journey into the unknown. Where you the public voted where I went and what I did. While I attempted to film and show you my journey. The follow is the first few episodes of this journey

USA – Highlight Video

As Voted by you! 90 Days roadtripping the USA, 26 States from San Diego to New York City. 40,000+ km Driven, 9 trains, 6 flights. From Hotels, Hostels, Cars to Strangers Couches

I Quit – Before it Began

Before I started on my biggest travel journey, I first quit my job of 7 years in radio. This is my resignation video/letter. Watch all the way to the end to see the full picture. About 1/2 way through you will start to understand a new depth to the video.

Episode 1: Lets Get Started

Meet me Scotty Boxa, as I pack up my bags for a Destination Unknown. As I embark on a journey of my life time and I’m bringing you with me. I recently (March 2012) quit my job of 7 years, packed up almost everything I own to live out of a backpack for who knows how long.

Episode 2: Fiji

Fiji Landing in Fiji I head to Robinson Crusoe Island As voted by YOU, my adventure begins… First stop FIJI. Johno a good friend of mine decides to join me at my first stop. After our 3-4hr flight

Episode 3: Fiji Part 2 – Robinson Crusoe Island

On Robinson Crusoe Island and Plantation Island Fiji. Parting it up with the locals and catching up with a friend for her B’Day! …

Episode 4: Hawaii

After boarding the plane TOTALLY hung over from last nights shenanigans in Fiji, I’m off to HAWAII!!! Well, that’s what I thought Until we landed in SAMOA! What the?


Stay stuned for SEASON 2.