Restaurants in Bali

Restaurants in Bali

Bali offers so much buietiful food. Here is our guide to the best places in each location.

Restaurants in Kuta

Kuta offers a wide rage of accommodation and places to stay. From Luxury resorts to cheap hotels. 3 Star Hotel Average $35 a night

Mid Range Food:

  • MaxEat Traditional
  • Corner
  • Amino Cafe
  • Bamboo Corner
  • Hamburger Lady
  • Kedai Nasi Uduk
  • Kedin’s Cafe
  • Mie88
  • Nusa Indah
  • Tree House Cafe
  • Warung Indonesia

Budget Food:

  • Gabah Restaurant
  • Cafe Romano
  • Blue Fin
  • Havana Club Bali
  • Made’s Warung
  • Mojo’s Flying Burritos
  • Kafe Batan Waru
  • Ketupat
  • Kuta Plaza Restaurant

Expensive Food:

  • Maccaroni Club
  • Ma Joly

Our Restaurant Favourites:

  • Broadwalk Restaurant and Lounge
  • Black House Burgers
  • Ma Jolly Restaurant and Lounge
  • Rosso Vivo – Seaview Hotel
  • Made’s Warung
  • Papa’s Limoncello Bali Restorante
  • Ketupat Restaurant
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Kori Restaurant & Bar
  • Golden Lotus at Bali Dynasty
  • Shshi Tei
  • Warung Max

Restaurants in Legian

In between the intertwining lanes, an assortment of restaurants and bars share the scene offering a seemingly endless mix of local and international cuisine. From five star beach resorts to burger joints, Legian has it all.

Budget Food:

  • Tigo puti minang

Mid Range Food:

  • Bali Beach Shack Bar & Restaurant
  • Fresh Warung
  • Gosha Bar and Restaurant
  • Island Cafe
  • Indo-National
  • Ketupat
  • Lanai
  • Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
  • Seaside
  • Tekor Bali
  • Waroeng Asia
  • Zanzibar
  • 66 Corner Restaurant & Cafe

Our Restaurant Favourites:

  • Pearl French Restaurant
  • Donbiu
  • Mozzarella by the Sea
  • Blue Ocean Restaurant
  • Teko Bali
  • Mamas German Restaurant
  • The Kopi Pot
  • Dejavu Kitchens
  • Five Monkeys Bali
  • Balkanika Macedonian
  • Moo Moos
  • Garlic Lane

Seminyak Restaurants and Dining

Seminyak has an abundance of food, restaurants, cafes and bars. Here you find my favourite places to eat in Seminyak Bali.

  • Litus Tirta Seminyak
  • Vansari Hotel Seminyak
  • bnb Style Seminyak
  • Umalas Hotel &
  • Residence
  • The Harmony Seminyak
  • Apartment Rental
  • Grandmas Hotel Seminyak
  • Ananda Resort Seminyak

Budget Restaurants

  • Baku Dapa
  • Café Tahu
  • Kolega
  • Mano Beach Side Café
  • Warung Batavia
  • Warung Sobat
  • Hallo Restaurants
  • Tokyo Skipjack
  • Kakatua Tropic Lounge

Mid-Range Restaurants

  • Biku
  • Jemme Dining
  • Cafe Seminyak
  • Gourmet Cafe
  • Grocer and Grind
  • The Junction
  • Le Tebu
  • Made’s Warung
  • Queen’s Tandoor
  • Rumours
  • Sate Bali
  • The Plumbers Arms
  • Ultimo
  • Waroeng Bonita

Upper Market Restaurants

  • La Lucciola
  • Metis
  • Sardine
  • Sarong


  • Little Green Cafe

Restaurants in Ubud

Ubud offers a wealth of dining venues, from traditional village roadside stalls selling local fare to modern fine dining restaurants

Budget Food:

  • Ayu’s Warung
  • Ayu’s Cafe
  • Bubu Warung
  • Dewa Warung
  • Ibu Oka Warung Babi Guling
  • Pizza Bagus
  • Sawah Indah Warung Ikan Bakar
  • Sari Bamboo
  • Song’s Oriental Kitchen
  • Umah Pizza
  • Warung Aja
  • Warung Igelanca
  • Warung Lada
  • Warung Garasi
  • CarameL Patisserie & Cafe
  • Paula’s Rice Terrace Cafe
  • Lalapan D’Ubud

Mid Range Food:

  • Alchemy
  • Batan Waru
  • Babyface Restaurant
  • Clear Cafe
  • Cafe des Artistes
  • Casa Luna
  • China Moon
  • Mojo’s Flying Burritos
  • Murni’s Warung
  • Naughty Nuri’s Warung and Grill
  • Nomad
  • Taco Casa ‘n Grill
  • Tutmak
  • Uma Resto
  • Havana

Expensive Food:

  • Bebek Bengil
  • Cascades Restaurant
  • Mozaic
  • Terazo

Our Restaurant Favourites:

  • Locavore
  • Bridges Bali
  • Mozaic Restaurant
  • Cascades at The Viceroy Bali
  • Luxe Cafe
  • Petani at Alaya Ubud
  • Seniman Coffee Studio
  • Bebek Tepi Sawah
  • Nauthy Nuri’s
  • Warung Bodag Maliah

Restaurants in Jimbaran

Eating seafood on the beach in Jimbaran is a quintessential part of many a visitor’s itinerary when coming to Bali.
Jimbaran Bay is home to about fifty grilled seafood restaurants in three different groupings, all set along the beach. The three sections are Muaya (in the very south), Kedonganan (in the middle) and Kelan (north of the fish market). Each of the restaurants is much of a muchness and of the groupings, the most southerly closest to the Four Seasons is the most popular these days.

More Restaurants:

  • Cuca Restaurant
  • Depot Joko
  • Grocer & Grind
  • Pepe Nero
  • Jimbaran Beach Club – JBC
  • The Open House Restaurant

Restaurants in Nusa Dua

There are not too many quality restaurants in Nusa Dua outside of the luxury hotels. The main Jalan By Pass which connects Nusa Dua to Jimbaran, the airport and Kuta is the home of a large number of Japanese and other Asian restaurants aimed at tour groups. Generally, these are best avoided.

Other Places:

  • Benoa Cafe
  • Bumbu Bali
  • Nusa Dua Beach Grill,
  • Lotus Garden
  • Bawang Merah

Restaurants in Uluwatu

Keep an eye out for these places

  • Cafe Moka
  • Jiwa Juice Internet Cafe
  • Yeye’s
  • Ayu Sweet and Snack
  • Padang Padang Breeze
  • Island Life Subs
  • Bali Perfetto
  • Warung Iga Bali

Restaurants in Canggu

There are many restaurants (also known as Warungs) in the Canggu area. This is a brief collection of well known eateries. Most beaches have warungs with local and western food in the Rp 40k range. Most places also have wifi (even the cheapest of Warungs). Also many deliver, so call and ask.

Budget Food:

  • Alkaline Restaurant
  • Betelnut
  • Canteen
  • Ithaka Warung
  • Warung Dukuh
  • Warung Sika

Mid Range Food:

  • The Beach House
  • Deus Cafe, Temple of Enthusiasm
  • Echo Beach House
  • OM Beach Lounge Restaurant,
  • RedSalt Cafe
  • Sukerti’s Garden Restaurant
  • Sol Beach Cafe
  • Kakilima by the Sea
  • People’s