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Weather in Bali in October

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Weather in Bali in October

Rain is coming back. After September, which is still dry season, October feels more like rainy season at times, although it could be this or that. On an average there are 15 days with rain fall in October, but with little rain.
It’s still a great month to come here. And even if it rains, Bali still offers many great activities off the beach. Definitely a good month to get cheap hotel rooms and villas, as it is definitely low season. Some international festivals draw in a crowds in certain areas at times, but in general you will experience a quiet Bali.

Weather Details October

Month max. Temp. Rain days Rainfall Season
Bali weather October 27°C 80°F 12 6.3 cm Changing Season


Yearly Bali Weather:

Month Temp.
Min – Max
Rain days Humidity Rainfall Season
Bali weather January 26°C 32°C 27 85% 34.5 cm Wet
Bali weather February 26°C 32°C 22 75% 27.4 cm Wet
Bali weather March 26.5°C 32°C 20 70% 23.4 cm Wet
Bali weather April 27°C 33°C 9 65% 8.8 cm Dry
Bali weather May 28°C 32°C 8 60% 9.3 cm Dry
Bali weather June 26.5°C 31°C 6 60% 5.3 cm Dry
Bali weather July 26.5°C 31°C 4 60% 5.5 cm Dry
Bali weather August 26.5°C 31°C 4 65% 2.5 cm Dry
Bali weather September 26.5°C 32°C 8 65% 4.7 cm Dry
Bali weather October 27°C 33°C 12 75% 6.3 cm Wet
Bali weather November 27°C 32°C 17 80% 17.9 cm Wet
Bali weather December 26.5°C 32°C 22 85% 27.6 cm Wet