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Weather in Bali in July

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Weather in Bali in July

It’s Summer Time on Bali. Overall expect great Weather. Yeap, It’s dry season! Only 4 rain-days per month on average.
July is also High Season. Because of the summer holidays no. of arrivals climb quickly and hotels, resorts, tour operators, spa managers get ready for their most important months. The prices for hotel rooms and villas have gone up.
If you do not book long in advance you might not get the best deals or the locations of your choice. Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, and Ubud are getting real busy.
DJs from all over the world are flown in to entertain the crowds in the clubs.

Weather Details July

Month max. Temp. Rain days Rainfall Season
Bali weather July 26.5°C 79°F 4 5.5 cm Dry season

Yearly Bali Weather:

Month Temp.
Min – Max
Rain days Humidity Rainfall Season
Bali weather January 26°C 32°C 27 85% 34.5 cm Wet
Bali weather February 26°C 32°C 22 75% 27.4 cm Wet
Bali weather March 26.5°C 32°C 20 70% 23.4 cm Wet
Bali weather April 27°C 33°C 9 65% 8.8 cm Dry
Bali weather May 28°C 32°C 8 60% 9.3 cm Dry
Bali weather June 26.5°C 31°C 6 60% 5.3 cm Dry
Bali weather July 26.5°C 31°C 4 60% 5.5 cm Dry
Bali weather August 26.5°C 31°C 4 65% 2.5 cm Dry
Bali weather September 26.5°C 32°C 8 65% 4.7 cm Dry
Bali weather October 27°C 33°C 12 75% 6.3 cm Wet
Bali weather November 27°C 32°C 17 80% 17.9 cm Wet
Bali weather December 26.5°C 32°C 22 85% 27.6 cm Wet