Weather in Bali in February

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Weather in Bali in February

Quiet, a bit rainy, more laid back
February is still rainy season on Bali and although you will have days at the pool and at the beach, overall one can and should expect rainfall. February is interesting because Balinese are preparing for Nyepi. February is also one of these months on Bali where people come to enjoy a quiet time, hang out in Ubud in cafés for more hours than one can count, while the sound of rain is soothing the soul. Because Bali is more than beach and sun, February has its own charm.

Weather Details February

Month max. Temp. Rain days Rainfall Season
Bali weather February 26°C 78°F 22 27.4 cm Rainy Season


Yearly Bali Weather:

Month Temp.
Min – Max
Rain days Humidity Rainfall Season
Bali weather January 26°C 32°C 27 85% 34.5 cm Wet
Bali weather February 26°C 32°C 22 75% 27.4 cm Wet
Bali weather March 26.5°C 32°C 20 70% 23.4 cm Wet
Bali weather April 27°C 33°C 9 65% 8.8 cm Dry
Bali weather May 28°C 32°C 8 60% 9.3 cm Dry
Bali weather June 26.5°C 31°C 6 60% 5.3 cm Dry
Bali weather July 26.5°C 31°C 4 60% 5.5 cm Dry
Bali weather August 26.5°C 31°C 4 65% 2.5 cm Dry
Bali weather September 26.5°C 32°C 8 65% 4.7 cm Dry
Bali weather October 27°C 33°C 12 75% 6.3 cm Wet
Bali weather November 27°C 32°C 17 80% 17.9 cm Wet
Bali weather December 26.5°C 32°C 22 85% 27.6 cm Wet