GoJek in Bali

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GoJek in Bali. Its just like Uber but better!

Uber is no longer available in Bali, but there is an even better and cheaper alternative called GoJek!

It’s new and still a little controversial, just like in Australia and around the world. You can mostly find GoJek in the Kuta and Seminyak Area. They will go pretty much anywhere like a taxi, but can be 1/2 the price of a taxi in Bali.

Benefits of an GoJek in Bali

We all know Taxi’s are everywhere in Bali, so whats the benefit of an GoJek in Bali?

  • Set pricing
  • No bargaining over price
  • Don’t have to have the correct change
  • No need to check if the metre is working
  • Less likely to be ripped off
  • They know exactly where you are going.
  • You can even get food delivered for cheap!

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How Much will a GoJek cost in Bali

How much does GoJek cost in Bali? GoJek’s base costs are below:

Estimated GoJek Price in Bali:

Base Fare – IDR 7,000
+ Per Minute – IDR 400
+ Per KM – IDR 4,200.27

Estimated Taxi Price in Bali:

Base Fare – IDR 7,000
+ Per hour – IDR 4,000
+ Per KM – IDR 6,500 to 10,000

GoJek Price to Bali Airport.

How much does a GoJek cost to the Bali Airport? The prices below are to use as a guide only (for up to 4 people) compared to a Bali Taxi. Prices may change and are only average estimates. Traffic conditions and road closures may also affect the pricing. Please use this as a general idea for price from the Airport to the following areas around Bali:

Also note an GoJek Driver will try to meet you OUTSIDE the airport, at the nearby Circle K or Coco Express as the “Taxi Mafia” wont allow them in pick up only drop off to the airport.

Destination GoJek Uber Price Bali Taxi Price
Ayana Resort Rp 8.500 Rp 106,000
Batubulan Rp 134,000 Rp 133,000
Batubulan Station 131,000 Rp 140,000
Candidasa Rp 412,000 Rp 429,000
Canggu Rp 131,000 Rp 116,000
Denpasar 1 (Natour, Bali Hotel) Rp 44,000 Rp 90,000
Gatsu / Ubung Station Rp 109,000 Rp 120,000
Jimbaran 1 (Intercontinental) Rp 53,000 Rp 70,000
Jimbaran 2 (Four Seasons) Rp 68,000 Rp 86,000
Kedonganan Rp 44,000 Rp 46,000
Kerobokan Rp 95,000 Rp 90,000
>   Discovery Rp 44,000 Rp 30,000
>   Melasti Rp 44,000 Rp 65,000
Kuwum Rp 250,000 Rp 254,000
Legian (Jl Padma, Jayakarta Hotel) Rp 48,000 Rp 70,000
Nusa Dua (Nikko Bali) Rp 94,000 Rp 145, 000
Nusa Dua Rp 94,000 Rp 125,000
Padang Bai Rp 359,000 Rp 350,000
Pecatu Rp 108,000 Rp 165,000
Sanur Rp 95,000 Rp 125,000
Seminyak Rp 67,000 Rp 100,000
>   Fave Hotel Rp 62,000 Rp 100,000
>   Grandmas Hotel Rp 67,000 Rp 90,000
>   Oberoi Rp 75,000 Rp 90,000
Tanah Lot Rp 174,000 Rp 250,000
Tanjung Benoa Rp 111,000 Rp 135,000
Tuban Rp 44,000 Rp 45,000
Ubud Centre Rp 234,000 Rp 350,000
Umalas Rp 10,000 Rp 130,000
Uluwatu Rp 142,000 Rp 165,000
Ungasan Rp 89,000 Rp 150,000

Bali Uber Price Estimate:

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