Bali Taxi Prices

Bali Taxi Prices

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Bali Taxi Prices

Everyone always asks me about Bali Taxi Prices, because they have been ripped off at least once. Don’t worry so have I, on more than one occasion.

Don’t get ripped off by Bali Taxi Drivers anymore! These are my best tips and guides to Bali Taxi prices. Everything from How much it costs to get a Taxi from the Denpasar Bali Airport?‘, ‘How much should a Bali Taxi Cost?’ getting around Bali, or even using an Uber.

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When travelling short distances around Bali the ‘Bluebird’ taxi’s are cheaper. There are many different Taxi’s in Bali and many different Bali Taxi prices, but the 1 most trusted Taxi is the “Bluebird Taxi Group”. Make sure you ask them to put the meter on, as not all Bluebird taxis are what they seem anymore.

Other Taxi drivers often claim their meter is not working and will negotiate a fee which unless you know the price you may find yourself overpaying. Worse, when you arrive at your destination, other drivers may make demands for extras like tips and parking costs, and you may feel obliged because you have been taken to where you asked.

I would suggest that if your driver makes excessive demands, politely refuse, take a note of the drivers I.D., and threaten to call the police. That usually clears things up pretty quickly. When hailing a taxi on the street look carefully at the company name and bird logo on the side of the vehicle and the logo on the crown light to ensure that you are taking a taxi from the Bluebird Taxi Group.

If you are an Uber lover, Uber is now available in Bali. I personally haven’t tried it but, next time I’m in Bali I might give it ago and see how the price goes.

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Tips for using a taxi in Bali

    • Bluebird taxes have the best reputation (but not all drivers)
    • A lot of the taxi’s look the same, most Bluebird Taxi’s have ‘Bluebird Group’ written across the top of the front window.
    • Have plenty of change on you, drivers often claim not to have change, hoping you will allow them to keep the difference.
    • Always request for the meter to be turned on even in the Bluebird taxis.
    • Make sure the driver understands where he is going.
    • Ask the driver to repeat your destination to you, or ensure that he knows your destination by giving it to him in writing.
    • Some places do not get a lot of taxi service, if you want him to keep the meter running while he waits, or if he’s willing to settle for an hourly fee. IDR 40,000 (about AU $4) is a good waiting fee.

Estimating Bluebird Taxi Fee’s

How much does a Taxi cost in Bali? While it’s hard to know exactly what taxies are charging I think using these calculations should give you a good idea:

  • A Normal starting tariff, when hailing a taxi is about Rp7,000 (AU .70c)
  • Rp 6,500.00 to Rp 10,000 per km (AU .65c to $1 depending on traffic)
  • If you need a taxi to wait around for you, expect to pay Rp 40,000 (AU $4) for an hour.
  • Minimum fare if ordered by phone: Rp. 40,000 even for a short distance.

So get out your Google maps and see how far it is you want to go.. ie for a 10km trip expect to pay between $6.50-$10.

Bali Taxi Prices from Airport

How much does a Taxi cost from the Bali Airport? The prices below are to used as guide only (for up to 4 people), as they might change and are only average estimates from a Bluebird Taxi. Traffic conditions and road closures may also effect the pricing. Please use this as a general idea for price from the Airport to the following areas around Bali:

Bali Taxi Prices from the Airport:

Destination Bali Taxi Price Bali Uber Price
Ayana Resort Rp 125,000 Rp 45.500 – 58.500
Batubulan Rp 105,000 Rp 70.500 – 92.000
Batubulan Station Rp 140,000
Br. Semer Rp 100,000
Candidasa Rp 375,000 Rp 177.000 – 230.500
Canggu Rp 165,000 Rp 62.500 – 81.500
Denpasar 1 (Natour, Bali Hotel) Rp 90,000 Rp 46.500 – 60.000
Denpasar 2 (Renon, Tanjung Bungkak Rp 100,000 Rp 45.000 – 58.000
Denpasar 3 (Jl Ratna, Jl Akasia) Rp 120,000 Rp 62.000 – 80.500
Gatsu / Ubung Station Rp 120,000 Rp 54.500 – 71.000
Jimbaran 1 (Intercontinental) Rp 80,000 Rp 25.000 – 31.000
Jimbaran 2 (Four Seasons) Rp 100,000 Rp 29.500 – 36.500
Kedonganan Rp 65,000 Rp 19.000 – 23.000
Kerobokan Rp 90,000 Rp 38.500 – 49.500
>  Discovery Rp 55,000 Rp 13.500 – 16.000
>   Melasti Rp 65,000 Rp 25.000 – 31.000
Kuwum Rp 100,000 Rp 100.500 – 132.000
Legian (Jl Padma, Jayakarta Hotel) Rp 70,000 Rp 23.500 – 29.000
Nusa Dua (Nikko Bali) Rp 145, 000 Rp 47.500 – 61.500
Nusa Dua Rp 125,000 Rp 41.500 – 52.500
Padang Bai Rp 350,000 Rp 144.500 – 190.500
Pecatu Rp 165,000 Rp 48.000 – 62.000
Sanur Rp 125,000 Rp 43.500 – 55.500
Seminyak Rp 80,000 Rp 49,000 – 50,000
>   Fave Hotel Rp 80,000 Rp 33.000 – 41.500
>   Grandmas Hotel Rp 90,000 Rp 34.500 – 43.000
>   Oberoi Rp 90,000 Rp 39.500 – 50.500
>   Living Room, Jl. Petitenget Rp 100,000 Rp 42.500 – 54.500
Tanah Lot Rp 250,000 Rp 78.500 – 102.500
Tanjung Benoa Rp 135,000 Rp 50.500 – 65.000
Tuban Rp 45,000 Rp 20.000 – 24.000
Ubud Centre Rp 250,000 Rp 113.000 – 149.000
Umalas Rp 100,000 Rp 45.000 – 58.000
Uluwatu Rp 165,000 Rp 62.500 – 81.000
Ungasan Rp 150,000 Rp 44.000 – 56.500
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Uber in Bali

Does Bali have Uber Drivers? Uber lovers, can now get an Uber in Bali! I personally haven’t tested this out, But I do plan to when I’m next in Bali to try it out. Their prices look even cheaper than a cheap taxi up to 1/2 the price.

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The Uber website estimates these prices from the Airport.

  • Kuta – Rp17.000-20.500
  • Seminyak – Rp33.500-42.000
  • Leginan – Rp27.500-35.000
  • Ubud – Rp125.000-160.500
  • Jimbaran – Rp32.000-41.000

For more info about see our Uber in Bali page

Bali Taxi Prices from Denpasar Airport Map

I have put together a little map of estimated taxi costs from the Bali Airport to these locations. Just click the marker and you should get an estimate cost of a Bluebrid taxi from previous experiences.
Please just use this as an estimated guide.

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Bali Taxi phone numbers

If you need to call a Taxi, usually any hotel will do it.
There is a minimum fare if ordered by phone of Rp. 40,000 (AU $4)
Bali Taxi phone numbers:

Bluebird Taxi – 24-hr Call Center (0361) 701111
Canggu Taxi +62 851008 99990 (text your name and address)
Gelora PT +62 361 241444
Koperasi Taksi Kowinu Bali +62 361 771661
Pan Wirthi Taxi PT +62 361 723954
Ngurah Rai Taxi +62 361 484537
Rajawali Taxi +62 361 484537
Ramayana Taxi +62 361 765303
Jl. Raya Airport Taxi: +62 361 753722

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